How to watch online football these days, p2p and streaming

Watching online live football has become easier and easier. Despite all the attempts by football authorities to control this phenomenon, it seems like there is very little that can be done to stop the trend.

There are a few simple things that need to be done, and all can be confirmed on the websites that are giving the updates and links that enable us to enjoy live football on our computers.

The main English site for live football is It is an incredibly handy site, built with care and respect for football, with very little commercial intent and a lot of passion. There are links to watch live streaming of the main sport events and so, alongside Premier League, Serie A and Champions League you can, for example, find Tennis and NBA links too. The Admins of are fantastic, if you happen to post even the dumbest of the questions on their MyP2P forum, you will get an answer in no time! They also provide users with updates and guides on the software you might need to run to watch the games, although it must be said that today there are a lot of chances to watch online football even without installing any software, an updated browser and Windows Media Player are usually enough.

If you can understand Spanish, and you only need a tiny bit of it in this case, you might as well use – note that if this site is down they have a mirror site at It’s even easier than as the first thing you happen to see on their homepage is a list of the main sport events of the day and clicking on them will unveil some direct and some P2P links.

The guys at are instead a community of true football lovers who do not give you direct links but help you getting there… Use their forum if you want to know more, you will discover a new world and will be able to know more football fans from you area. They have recently upgraded their site, so now it’s even nicer than it used to be!

Other alternatives are to watch online live sport, including football, on betting sites like Bwin and Bet365. There are geographic restrictions, so if you are visiting the site with a German IP address they will unlikely show you events that are being broadcasted on German television, for example. On both sites you need to create an account to watch live sports but while on Bet365 this is completely free and there is no following hassle as they have never even sent me an email to advertise their activities, on Bwin you need to top up your account with at least 10 Euro to be able to watch live sports. On both sites you can bet on an amazing number of sport events and on multiple combination of scores.

I hope this helps, enjoy live football!


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