Gabriele Sandri – an Italian death

Banner for Gabriele Sandri during Saint Etienne - Sochaux

Death and football keep on being strictly intertwined these days. The death of Gabriele Sandri has shocked Italy and Europe’s football audiences. He was just one guy traveling from Rome to Milan to watch a football game.

When Gabriele and his friends, S.S. Lazio supporters, came across a car of Juventus supporters, traveling north to watch their team in Parma, at a service station on the motorway, they had a fight. Police shortly after arrived and one of them, Luigi Spaccarotella, fired a shot towards them being on the other side of the motorway, about 700 . away from them. It’s not clear why he has taken the shot at all, what is sure is that he hit Gabriele Sandri in the back of his neck, and he killed him. Gabriele was hit while sleeping in the back seat of his friend’s car.

He was an Ultras, the social phenomenon which, in this very moment, seems to be the biggest in Italian society. He went regularly to see Lazio’s away games across the country. Ultras are being kicked out of the stadia, which is one of the reasons why foreigners looking at Italian football see always empty spaces around the pitches.

In the meanwhile Serie A keeps going and the Parliament is approving stricter measures against football fans, to ensure public safety for everyone. Despite all this safety, Manchester United fans were stabbed just yesterday, 13th of December, around the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, before the Champions League tie.

It is difficult to talk about football, this is also football today.

Here is a collection of pictures with banner from football fans from all over Europe to remember Gabriele Sandri.


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