Filippo Raciti – Italy land of hypocrites – update

Especially thanks to Lorenzo and his readers, we have some more elements regarding yesterday’s post. This is basically gonna be a translation from Italian of stuff I have been made aware of by his updates page.

First, as a proof of Italy’s hypocrisy we now know that regular football will be played next weekend (10th and 11th of February), probably most of the stadia won’t open their gates to supporters because of lack of safety conditions (didn’t they know this beforehand?) but this won’t stop violence, this is guaranteed.

Furthermore, most of the Italian newspapers report that the autopsy has unveiled that Filippo Raciti’s liver has been smashed by an object long about 10 centimeters and star shaped. This is the picture I have found on Lorenzo’s page.

Tear Gas Grenades

The article where they explain how he died is available on Repubblica, but it’s in Italian. I have also found an article on Reuters’ website which has a short list of all the violent deaths in the story of Italian football.


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