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There is a lot of fuzz going on about P2P streaming football matches. Every footballgreedy fan is frightened by Netresult. They have promised the English FA that they will stop this ever growing phenomenon. The way it appears they work is by threatening websites or blogs, as it happened to 101greatgoals, that violate copyrights about football video footage.

Super powerful German Bayern Munich want to sue Youtube and Google for the same reason. These very popular services allow registered users to upload their videos, which are then available to be seen by millions of unregistered users.

All this pressure on web pages providing help to those who want to watch their favourite football matches on their computers has produced, a while ago, the first victim in Italy, Calciolibero. Their home page is very sad at the moment and will hopefully get better soon.

In the meanwhile, Italian folks can enjoy Streamerone, especially if you are living abroad, this is very handy and easy.


2 Responses to “P2P football streaming”

  1. I guess this is a case of a mistaken identity. Bayern Munich said he wants to sue GooTube(YouTube + Google) and not GooTube.net , the search engine for videos.

  2. globalfootball Says:

    You are probably right, thanks for the enlightment.

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